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It is hard to believe it’s been a month since the show closed. I miss seeing the ever changing piles each day. More importantly, I miss the incredible members of Stan’s Cafe.

I’ll be back to post some additional photos and comments from visitors to the show.

Thanks to all who visited and shared this incredible experience with us!


Holiday Schedule

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There’s just a little more than a week left to see Stan’s Cafe’s Of All the People in All the World at the Skirball Cultural Center!

 We’re open regular hours this weekend.  To help plan your holiday visits, our hours next week are:

 Closed Monday, December 24

Closed Tuesday, December 25

Wednesday, December 26 from 12-5

Thursday, December 27 from 12-9 (FREE ADMISSION ON THURSDAYS!)

Friday, December 28 from 12-5

Saturday, December 29 from 10-5

Sunday, December 30 from 10-5  (CLOSING DAY!)

Have you seen the show this week?

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The show is looking great, it has expanded and changed over the past two weeks. I was away for almost a week and was delighted to see “the new stuff” on my walkthrough yesterday!

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If you have seen Of All the People in All the World, let us hear from you! Feel free to add your comments to this post (or any other that strikes your fancy!).

Tuesday report

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The day began with a workshop with students from Canterbury Avenue High School. This was great fun and as last year very enlightening about American/L.A. culture for us Brits. Part of the workshop involves a fun game where we ask the group questions about themselves such as “Who is wearing jeans?” “Who has a cell phone?” “Who has a brother?” “Who is a Dodgers fan?”.  The game is a way of helping them to see how we can learn about the world and its people through numbers and statistics. One of the questions we ask is “Whose parents were born outside the USA?” As with the workshops last year a sizeable majority of the group’s parents were in this category which, from our perhaps naïve British eyes, was exciting and surprising and suggests that the States is still a dynamic country with a very diverse and international population. It will be interesting to ask that question in 30 years time to see what the number will be then.  The students were all really engaged with the workshop and the show offering some very interesting suggestions about what statistics could feature the show in the future.  They also cleverly noted  how the people represented by those grains of rice are connected to each other and have an impact on the way the world is now and on what it might become.  

During the rest of the day we worked on sections about homelessness in the USA and LA,; travel and tourism and the population density of the different states of the USA.


Sunday blog from James

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The Skirball’s Hanukkah program meant a big happy crowd milling round the centre listening to bands and enjoying a host of family based activities. Away down the corridors things were quieter for us with the rice. Occasionally large groups, like the excellent Omega crowd, made it down, but mostly the room was just steadily attended.

We had lots of bright kids through, their parents testing their knowledge or powers of deduction, using the rice piles as learning points – we heard one girl get a good grounding in labour history and early unionisation in our Garment Workers section. A young lad filled Graeme in on the intricacies of the U.S. electoral system, how a president can win the popular vote and lose the electoral college.

There were lots of excellent an provocative suggestions. A few people  wanted to see a pile depicting the population of China, to which we had to explain that in all three rooms we don’t have enough rice for that pile. Then there were the obvious questions about the population of the world, which is almost twenty one times the very big pile we have representing the U.S.A..

The show grew a bit. We added a playful obituary in rice for Evel Knievel. Polar exploration and conflict in the South Atlantic are now included. Abortion came under a little more focus. I felt compelled to add the entrants in this year’s World Beard and Moustache Championships next to the four Texan Police Officers suing against having to shave their beards off. We have also added some statistics about charitable acts, a few of these link to the work of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, where much of the rice is going once the performance closes on December 30.

It was a long fun day, with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the show from people of all ages, crucially one of the suggestions we got during the course of the day was a great place to have dinner.


Saturday report from James of Stan’s Cafe

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We love doing this show in Los Angeles because people tend to be so open with their thoughts and feelings. Skeptics march directly up to you why they are skeptical. Often they’ve not understood that we have a good measure of the grains contained in a gram. They realise the show is far more accurate than they had imagined and retreat happily to look at the next bit of the show. Others think the show is great but missing or misrepresenting a key issue. These conversations are usually instructive, sometimes they push us in a interesting directions, sometimes they tell us which bits of the show need clarifying, often the reveal the preconceptions of the visitor, they always seem to end in harmony. Generally the theme is simply, “we love this show, isn’t it amazing” – which we never tire of hearing.

The history of this country makes it great material for the show. In the last two days visitors have been moved to tears thinking back to their relatives, individual grains in the mounds representing people who passed through Ellis Island or who were brought to this continent on British Slave Ships.

Lots of people have been saying they saw the show when it was here last year but that it had gone before they had a chance to send their friends. Now we are here until December 30th they are leaving with fistfuls of cards to distribute to those they think should come “I’m going to hand these out at Church tomorrow, everyone should see this”, “I’m giving this to my son, he’ll come with his girlfriend, they’ll love it”. We hope to see things get busier and busier as the runs go on. Our ambition? We notice that visitors to the Noah’s Ark exhibition have time-limited tickets stuck to their chests… we want things to ramp up to the point where it’s one-out one-in time limited tickets!


Have You Seen the Show? Tell us what you think!

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We’d love to hear from visitors who have seen the show in the first few days. Please feel free to add your comment to this post. Comments are moderated, so they won’t appear immediately. We will, however, post them as soon as we are able.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!